Real Betis secretly wins the unbeaten championship 4-1

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Real Betis continued to form strong overtaking, defeating Espanyol 4-1, 3rd place island, tight and secretly have a deep contender for the championship.

Starting the game 14 minutes into the game, Espanyol, the homelander start better than before, leading 1-0 from several strokes of the football on the right side before Oscar Gil opened for Raul de Tomas to shoot. with the left at the far pillar go in 

In the 31st minute, Real Betis took a penalty when the Czech VAR referee found Sergio Canales nudged the ball into Alex Vidal’s hand before Borja Iglesias picked it up. Duty to shoot into the decisive The score returned to 1-1.

Five minutes later. The score turned over as Real Betis took the lead 2-1 from a corner kick on the left side that. Nabil Fekir opened up for Guido Rodriguez to hit 10 yards to pass the ball into the goal. beautiful and finished the first half at this score

Returning to fight in the second half. Real Betis moved 3-1 in the 53rd minute. Espanyol cleared the ball without fail and was immediately punished. UFABET Sergio Canales poke the ball to Bor Ja Iglesias threw a 12-yard dash into the decisive goal.

Betis was 4-1 left in the 76th minute. Nabil Fekir flicked the ball into the penalty area for Willian Jose to hit with a left-over shot. 

The host’s situation worsened three minutes later. When Raul de Tomas show a second yellow card after a foul on Fekir. Resulting in a red card and sent off. 

The rest of the game. Real Betis ended the game before a decisive 4-1 win. Winning 4 of their last 5 games in all competitions. Ready to collect 40 points chasing Sevilla and Real Madrid with 5 points and 9 points respectively.