Manchester United have expressed their sincerity in keeping Paul Pogba

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Manchester United have expressed their sincerity in keeping midfielder Paul Pogba longer at the club by offering him a new contract at the UK’s most expensive £400,000-a-week.

A report from ‘ The Athletic the UK and ufabet ,’ said the urgency of John Murray Tufts athletic director and Ole Gunnar Seoul Tea manager . The team was to capture the midfielder 28 years. The contract was given because the current commitment left the last season.    

Combined with the intervention efforts of Paris Saint – Germain. The French Ligue 1 powerhouse , who offered to offer a contract should the world champion midfielder let himself go out of contract and sign a free agent at Parc des Princes. X next summer will receive a large salary , mouth-to-mouth bonuses and many image rights.

The media’s insider claims that the end of season 2020-21 the team submitted a new contract Pogba determined by the wage increase received from the 2.9 billion pounds – a – week to four hundred pounds – per -. week bonded to at least two . a . 2025. That plus the option to add another one year , but without any response.  

I have followed the situation of Pogba will be brief. Because this time where the players hold an advantage from the agreement last year. Including the performance on the field, just making 4 assists, defeating Leeds 5-1

       The current highest paid player at Old Trafford is David de Gea at £3.7500,000-a-week, followed by Jadon Sancho at  £300,000-a-week.