Thai people still do not eat enough chicken eggs.

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It was found that in 2020, there was an average Thai chicken eggs consumption rate of only 223 eggs per person per year. This is lower than other countries like China Food. Where consumption is 399 eggs per person per year, Japan at 345 eggs per person per year. And Malaysia at 314 eggs per person per year.

To promote the consumption of chicken eggs and develop appropriate nutrition for each age group. The Department of Health has therefore launched a campaign for the consumption of chicken eggs in school age. By cooperation Operate closely between the 7 main agencies, including the agency of all educational institutions. Department of Local Administration, Department of Health, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce The Department of Internal Trade, the Department of Livestock Development and the working group for the 300-egg consumption campaign project under the Egg Board and other agencies. involved, including 22 agencies, to promote the nutritional status of school children UFABET

By consuming eggs according to Thai school lunch standards through the school lunch program. Every department campaigns on the consumption of chicken eggs in accordance with the recommendations of the Department of Health. by raising awareness and recognition among students of all educational institutions, parents and the general public. to increase the consumption rate Chicken eggs of Thai people as a whole according to the 2023 goal of 300 eggs per person per year.