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Eating shrimp beneficial to the brain. 

Eating shrimp may have good effects on the brain. Because shrimp is a source of choline. Which may contribute to memory, thinking and decision-making (cognitive function). Shrimp can also be extracted into krill oil (Krill Oil). Which may help prevent dementia of the nervous system. Krill oil

Things to know before taking vitamin C.

Many people know that vitamin C from foods and supplements is generally safe for the body. But taking has some precautions that, if neglected, may have negative effects on the body. for example Consumer health history People with medical problems should consult a doctor or pharmacist first. Because

Thai people still do not eat enough chicken eggs.

It was found that in 2020, there was an average Thai chicken eggs consumption rate of only 223 eggs per person per year. This is lower than other countries like China Food. Where consumption is 399 eggs per person per year, Japan at 345 eggs per

Things to know before eating konjac.

In addition to the benefits Konjac is also a food. That you should know and be careful about eating as well, including However, as mentioned, konjac is a food that does not contain nutrients in the vitamin group. Or other minerals, those who want to eat should