The 5 best exercises No equipment required, good for the body

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The 5 best exercises No equipment required, good for the body and mind!

Exercise without equipment Which type is good for both our body and mind? Introducing these 5 exercises! It can be said that it is good for both muscles. It also helps burn fat. And it’s also good for important organs in the body. Which type of exercise will help with what? Let’s see โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The best exercise

1. Walking

     Very easy exercise No equipment required Practice anywhere I have to give it to walking! Walking is good for your health in many ways, in addition to being good for your physical health. It’s also good for brain health. Plus, walking is good for your joints. Plus it can help keep your heart strong!

2. Running

     Besides walking We can also run. Because running is equally good for your health. It also helps burn calories well. Running for 1 hour can burn twice as many calories as cycling or walking for the same amount of time.

3. Dancing

     Add fun to our exercise so it’s not boring. I recommend dancing. Because in dancing we will be able to move both our arms and legs. Including also good for the heart And it can also help increase fun and happiness quite well. Who doesn’t have a passion for exercising? I recommend you try dancing. And we’ll want to go every day!

4. Yoga

     light muscle stretching By practicing yoga, it helps our body to be flexible and active. Additionally, yoga can help relieve stress. improve breathing Give more energy It also helps tighten the muscles. which muscles If we don’t use it We have a chance to lose it!

5. Tai Chi

     Tai Chi or Tai Chi is an exercise and meditation practice. which in addition to being good for physical health It is also good for mental health. Tai Chi is considered to take meditation to the next level by moving the body slowly. Practice helps to have balance. Ready to relieve stress It can be said that it is good for all genders and ages.